Monday, January 12, 2015

Renewable Energy Installations at Home

The Planet Sustainability Television program covers environmental topics including alternative forms of energy such as renewable and sustainable power sources.

Solar power, wind power and hydropower are all practical methods for installing a home based renewable power source. Although you probably won’t be able to go off the grid, these sustainable energy methods are a great way to save money while using cleaner, greener energy.

Solar systems can incorporate active solar, passive solar and solar hot water heaters into their design. To make sure your alternative energy installation is up to code, work with a local contractor that specializes in home based renewable power sources.

Your contractor will know the ins and outs of local zoning laws and can show you photos of current projects he’s worked on. You may even be able to drive by homes near you to see examples of the companies’ work, which will give you a chance to talk to the homeowners about their satisfaction with the finished product.

Solar power experts can help you design the perfect solar power system for your house and help you determine if it’s better to go with a grid-tie or off-grid system. When designing a solar power system, you’ll want to decide where is the perfect site for mounting the solar panels.

The Home Power magazine mentions “a roof-mounted array has the economic benefit of utilizing an existing structure—your home or garage’s roof—rather than having to build a separate structure to support the collector array, which can be costly.” The next time you are considering alternative power sources, tune in to the latest episode of the Planet Sustainability TV Show.

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