Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Trends in Green Energy: Solar Power in the Desert

Did you know that mor than 125,000 homes in California's Mojave Desert will be powered by Solar energy? The Mojave Solar Project is a massive solar power system that is leading the way in alternative energy. As part of its mission, the Planet Sustainability TV Show is producing a new episode on the ramifications of green solar energy for the world. The project is based near Barstow, California and is expected to cost more than 1.5 billon dollars!

Planet Sustainability is a television program dedicated to providing viewers with insight into the latest news and trends related to sustainable energy and other forms of sustainable living. The Solar Project is just one of the many exciting new technological and social developments shaping our world and providing humanity with a strong future to counter the deleterious effects of a carbon-based energy system.

By tapping into the Earth's solar and wind natural resources we can create a new way of living that will sustain life on Earth for hundreds, if not thousands of years while providing for many exciting new industries that will employ people.

Stay tuned for more news on trends in Green Energy courtesy of Planet Sustainability.